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A year later, family and friends remember Trevoy ‘Trevy’ Liburd


by Eulana Weekes

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): News quickly surfaced on the evening of Wednesday, June 22, 2022 that well known fisherman, diver and social media personality Trevoy “Trevy” Liburd was missing at sea following a diving excursion with his diving/fishing partner Jonathon Dutil.

Drone operators, divers, boaters and pilots combed the beach looking for Liburd; but it was not until June 27, 2022, five days later, that Liburd’s body was found in the sands at Black Bay, Indian Castle amongst some seaweed.

A year later, friends and families pause to remember him publicly.

His older brother, Evroy Liburd, continues to mourn the loss of his brother. He remembers “Trevy”, for the role he played in the family.

“It’s been a rough year for sure. I have accepted it but, it’s just more about him not being here. He was more of a family advisor. He was the spokesperson of the family too and for that I mostly miss him.”

Joseph Liburd, father of Trevoy Liburd, told WINN FM that his son is sorely missed. He shared the grim reality of not physically seeing his second born son, whom he lived with until that sad day in June, 2022.

“Well, it has been tough. It has been tough, but  I am the kind of person who manages situations easily, so although it has been tough, I have been coping. It has been tough because only the two of us were living at home and he is no longer there. I remember the times when he would come and lie down across my bed and we would talk from one thing to the next. I really miss him every now and then. I really miss him; his controversial aspects of life, his love, his jovial attitude and his fun spirit that he would display. I had fun with him all of the time. I miss all of those. Sometimes, I may even go to his room and look around and just imagine that I see him lying on his bed. All in all, I have been coping. It’s not easy, but I cope.”

The father added, “One year has passed on the 22nd, when he went missing. I shed some tears. I felt really low, especially around the time when I remember I got that call to say that he went out to sea and he is missing. Memories came back to me. I know his two brothers and some friends went to the site that same day, but I could not go. I was not in any frame of mind to go, so I just relaxed on that day.”

Liburd said one of the good things that have come out of Trevy’s passing, was the opportunity to develop a stronger bond with his grandson Noah Trevyon Liburd, Trevoy’s only child.  He said Treyvon has also developed a close relationship with other family members as well.

A close friend of Trevoy, Tonya Powell, frequently shared fond memories of him on social media. On Tuesday, June 27, 2023 Powell wrote, “A year has gone by and to say it feels like yesterday is an understatement. Trevi, you were so many things to so many. For me, you were and are my dear dear friend. I can honestly write a book of our time together, our conversations. Trevi I miss you,  I miss your inbox messages telling me “no answer dem Tonya, dem a fake profiles”, I miss you letting me know when you would be travelling to ask if I wanted you to bring up anything.”

Powell added, “I miss our “arguments” on politics; the many times you would inbox during elections to say NRP need to do this, NRP don’t need to do that. Two elections have come & gone and no Trevi.

Your love of family & friends was like no other; for you would go all out for those you loved. I will stop here because the tears are flowing.  Right now, I could really use your shoulder as I am facing a difficult task and I know you would be my listening ear. I LOVE YOU TREVI, so thankful that you knew that. If only R.I.P meant “Return If Possible.”

Another close friend, Bryton Nisbett, created a video in Trevoy’s memory. The video featured family and friends of Trevoy partaking in a bonfire tribute at Indian Castle Bay.

In honour of Trevoy’s legacy and his love for children, the Liburd family will be handing over equipment to the Pediatric Ward at the Alexandra Hospital on Wednesday, June 28 at 10:00 am.


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