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Can Team Unity survive? PAM Candidates call for Unity Partners to “Come Together”


by Eulana Weekes

St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The People’s Action Movement’s Townhall Meeting in Boyd’s Village Constituency 3 on Monday night (April 4), had a slightly different tone as candidates of the People’s Action Movement called on their fellow Unity partners to “come together” and settle their differences for the sake of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The tripartite Team Unity Government of St. Kitts and Nevis is currently going through some turbulent times, as leaders of both the Concerned Citizens Movement and the People’s Action Movement have over the past few months publicly spoke about unresolved issues within the Unity construct, led by the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis and leader of the People’s Labour Party, the Hon Dr Timothy Harris.

Parliamentary Representative for Constituency 2 and Chairman of the People’s Action Movement, the Hon Jonel Powell called upon Unity partners to have a discussion and come to a common ground.

“PAM is here with you tonight, as we have been for some time and we are here to save Unity. We are here to keep Unity together; but in order for that, everyone must be on the same page and so, the same way we are inviting you to come out and join us in this series of town hall meetings to address the issues, to ensure that we are on the same page, to ensure that we keep the promises that we made, we extend the same invitation to our partners in Unity. Come to the table, let us talk. Let us discuss the people’s business. Let us do right by the people who we asked to come and vote for the three parties in Unity, so that we can deliver for them.”

Powell also made a plea for an equitable share of benefits for the people across all constituencies of St. Kitts and Nevis; as that was the promise made by Team Unity.

“Let us come together and talk about ensuring that the STEP Programme is made available to all those persons who can take advantage of it, in all constituencies. Let us come to the table to discuss and ensure that the Poverty Alleviation Programme- the EC $500 per month is made available to those most in need across all constituencies on St Kitts and Nevis and not just some in some areas. These are the things that we as Team Unity asked you to vote for; the promises that we said we would deliver; and we want to, as the People’s Action Movement, ensure that we deliver on those things for you.”

Using the scenario of a marriage where challenges do come from time to time, Parliamentary representative for Constituency 4, the Hon Lindsay Grant declared that- that is the current situation within Team Unity, but they will try to work out the problems.

“Team Unity is like a marriage. If things are going wrong and I am talking to you today, I talk to you tomorrow, I talk to you next week and next month and I can’t get it fixed well, I can’t stay in the marriage and take blows all the time. So, I want to be clear tonight; the marriage ain’t break up. The marriage has some difficulties; difficulties and challenges and we’re going to try to work it out and see if we can come to a solution to the difficulties.”

Parliamentary Representative for Constituency 8, the Hon Eugene Hamilton also suggested that the People’s Action Movement along with its Unity partners work, pray and stay together, so they will be able to keep the promise made to the people of the Federation.

“We’re here as the People’s Action Movement and our aim is to strengthen where we are weak. Where we are weak, we must be strong; where we are fragmented, we must unite together. We need to conduct ourselves with respect and to share the joys, the dreams, and the challenges faced by each other. We want to avoid the division among our people and so, I call on all of our partners in Unity to be respectful; be respectful of those of us who are a part of the Unity Team and what you do in our constituencies and to our friends. Let me repeat again, Together we will be better. Together we’ll be able to deliver far greater than we would if we were doing it alone.

Hamilton stated, ” So, I want to say quite categorically, if we work together, If we hold each other accountable, if we are less of self and demonstrate equality for each other, if we are tolerant in the face of diversity if you can avoid taking the truth spoken by others- our brothers and our sisters and twist them to make a trap for fools, if we pray together and stay together, we will be able to keep our promise that we made to the people of St Kitts and Nevis.”

Hamilton added, “In the sight of Almighty God, I pray; so help us, God. So, therefore, my family, my friends, PAM, CCM, PLP, St Kitts and Nevis, everywhere, as I say to you every time I speak, choose hope over despair; choose unity over division; choose inclusion over exclusion; choose integrity over dishonesty; choose servant leadership over dictatorship.”

A tripartite meeting among the political leaders of the three parties of the Team Unity Government is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6. Several persons via social media and other media platforms have expressed their desire to see or hear the results of that meeting; whether or not Team Unity will fall apart or will they come to a consensus.


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