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Chesley Hamilton shares ideas for water conservation in the country


by Eulana Weekes

St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The People’s Action Movement candidate for Constituency Number 8, Mr. Chesley Hamilton says water conservation needs to be put into practise in St. Kitts and Nevis as a strategy to minimise the impact of the ongoing water shortages.

Hamilton suggests that the Government implement a policy to ensure that eavestroughs or water spouts are installed onto roofs as a part of the Roofing Programme, a step to encourage efficient rainwater collection.

“Under the banner of the People’s Action Movement, we are simply saying to you where water is a problem, you have to practise conservation. So we must begin to capture water off of the roofs.”

“Every one of those roofs, your Government is duty bound to help you put east trough on them; whether it means duty-free, whether it means let NHC (National Housing Corporation) come and put it on- on all of those roofs, something has to be done in terms of policy, so that we can have water catchment; whether it means a cistern, whether it means the black tanks, it must be done because water is a problem.”


Hamilton was speaking at a Town Hall meeting in Constituency Number 8, the area which he is seeking to represent in the Federal Government. It is a constituency that has been experiencing significant water shortages for many years. The PAM candidate said that more must be done on a national level to conserve water.

“We must begin to capture the water high up. We must do something about reservoirs. We must do something about the sluice. We must get the water back down, so if we dig wells the water will come back up. We have to do better at conservation.”

The candidate assured the audience that a People’s Action Movement Government will ensure that policies be implemented to conserve water in the country; which will allow for basic, yet important domestic activities to be carried out.

In Cayon, Basseterre and Newton Ground, water rationing has been a regular practice to mitigate water supply issues in those areas, however, those efforts are no longer sufficient.

In June, Minister of Public Infrastructure, the Honourable Eugene Hamilton said the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis intends to construct desalination plants in Basseterre and Key’s Village, along with drilling for a new well in Cayon based on recommendations by Water Engineer Cromwell Williams.

Hamilton shared that the United Arab Emirates would provide a small desalination plant.

While officials at the Water Services Department continue to encourage water conservation efforts on the part of all citizens and residents, they acknowledge that conservation is not enough to meet the demand, hence the need to drill new wells and look for alternatives in securing water.


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