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Children on the Autism Spectrum and Other Sensory Disorders Access New Assistance Organized by Recovery Centre


(EMU) Basseterre, St. Kitts: A team of experts engaged by the Discovery Centre has promised to assist national efforts to help parents and children who have developmental challenges; particularly those on the Autism Spectrum as well as those with Down Syndrome.

Two experts including Theresa Imman; Board Certified Behaviour Specialist and Infant/Toddler Developmental Specialist; and Heather Billiot Occupational Therapist: sensory integration and anxiety management.

Ms Imman described the reason she is so passionate about lending her assistance:
Cue In: “So I work with children starting from birth and the reason I started that as a behavior analyst we only saw children from three years old and on, I mean for the most part. I worked with a couple that were 18 months old but it’s very rare that we get children that young. So I decided to make a real difference but becoming an infant toddler developmental specialist so that I could start working with children from birth because there is so much more that we can do with early intervention.”

Ms Imman added that timing with Developmental issues is of the essence
“That’s not to say if the child is older than three that we won’t be effective because I have worked with adults. I have taught adults how to feed themselves. However, we get to put more of a foundation in when we start working with children from birth Parents notice things. I had a parent tell me that she noticed that her child was meeting milestones when the child was six months old. Now if we were able to start working with that child from six months there are a lot of things we could either prevent or reduce the effects of.

Ms Billiott, Occupational Therapist said, “When it comes to sensory integration we all take in sensory information from our environment all day long every day. How our brain processes it and allows us to function for the rest of our day that allows us to get through things.”

She added that children on the Spectrum have a really hard time processing all that information. Her experience includes working with persons from birth to adulthood to assist them in being able to better tolerate their environment.

As far as the centre’s operations, a Parent Support Group shares the needs and challenges parents face which has been the catalyst to bring these specialists to the island: The initiative is supported through the contribution of BullsEye Car Rental, the Royal St. Kitts Hotel, and other caring individuals. The venue for intervention sessions over the past two weeks which was the Lodge Community Centre was provided by the kind backing of the Ministry of Social Development.

The Centre came into being in 2021 is headed by Mauricer Marshall and Sharon Bowrin with advisory support from Dr. Sheryl Rosin.

The team met with officials from the Ministry of Education to discuss prospects for the future and collaboration with the Spectrum Centre.

Ms. Bowrin told the Ministry’s Media unit that the centre remains committed to finding additional ways and means to support children with development challenges. So far, we have seen over 40 families and will continue to work to garner support so that children may continue to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

For further information, visit us online at https://www.discoverycentrestkitts.com.


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