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Conaree Community organisers launch Medical Emergency Fund


St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): A new medical emergency assistance project is underway on St Kitts. Community Organiser Mr. Delwayne Delaney told WINN FM in an exclusive Interview that the financial assistance programme is an initiative being introduced in the Conaree Community Healthcare Care Programme.

“It is a way that they can assist persons who need medical assistance in short order. Rather than raising funds each time, they can have something that they can turn to for immediate relief or assistance. When people are at that stage, time is of utmost importance and having to wait a week or two to plan something and then to get other things in place, it takes away from the person who is ill; from a favourable standpoint. So, that is the idea and thinking behind it.”

He added, “Also we’re thinking that the money can be used to raise more money as well. It is not that the money will be used solely for medical purposes, but also to assist persons with raising more funds; 2,000 may turn into 8,000 or 9,000 for an individual.”

According to Delaney, once the medical financial assistance programme is officially launched, each person in the Conaree Community will be asked to contribute $5.00 per month to the emergency fund.

“Persons who were there definitely agree that- that is something they will be a part of, because it’s to only beneficial to them but they can see it benefiting the community on a whole as well.”

The Medical Emergency Fund is projected to come into effect in the next three months, once the logistics are finalised; this includes the application process and accounting matters. Delaney confirmed that advice is being given by an experienced insurance personnel and credible persons in the Conaree Community to assist with the makeup and roll out of the programme.

Delaney shared that he was inspired to have an emergency medical fund set up in the Conaree Community, after spearheading an urgent drive to raise funds to the benefit of fellow villager, Jahmarie Rogers. Delaney believes Rogers’ situation has developed a new way of thinking for community members.

“Persons are more enlightened now and in tune to say, “we can’t just sit around and say the system is broken or we can raise funds etc, so we decided to mobilise our own resources, no matter how limited they are, to bring about some sort of change.”

The community was sensitised on the medical emergency fund initiative during “Bummers Social and Meeting” held at the Conaree Community Centre on Saturday night May 14, whilst celebrating the birth and times of Delroy Bummers Delaney. “Bummers” was the brother of Delwayne Delaney who died on July 14 2018, following a battle with Lupus.


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