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COP addresses community policing initiatives, shares stats of “Operation Reassurance”


by Kevon Browne

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN) – James Sutton, Commissioner of Police in the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force, shared a statement with the Press on May 16, sharing some of the operations executed and operational changes throughout the Police Force.

The statement included statistics from the new community policing initiative “Operation Reassurance”, launched on April 4.

“The following statistics are testimony to the operation’s successes we have since then recorded:

– Search warrants executed: 42

– Mobile patrols: 143

– Foot patrols: 143

– Number of arrests: 14

– Number of firearms recovered: 6

– Number of tickets issued: 93

– Number of vehicles searched: 362

– Gang engagements: 7

Our Police officers continue to work assiduously to ensure the safety and security of our citizens and residents are maintained. Their work in this regard has borne fruit to the tune of four of the five robberies committed in the month of April having already been solved. Such was achieved through the diligent work and dogged determination of our officers in the pursuit of justice. Their perseverance and stellar work are worthy of high praise. Indeed, even after “Operation Reassurance” [has] ended, the momentum and our thrust to curb crime and violence in St. Kitts and Nevis will be maintained.”

The Explorer’s Club was recently in the spotlight after officers associated with the club spoke out about what was described as attempts by the “powers that be to frustrate and stifle the success of the explorers and community policing programmes”.

During his statement, the Police Commissioner explained that the Explorer’s Club is one of the initiatives that has undergone operational changes.

“One such administrative change was the assignment of Sgt. Ricardo ‘Ricky’ Sampson as the leader of the Community Policing Team with specific responsibility for the Explorer’s Clubs on St. Kitts. These Clubs have been a part of our national community policing model since 2017. Their presence has been welcome in the various communities, and the positive impact on our youth cannot be downplayed or ignored. They continue to provide a safe space for our children to learn, grow, and socialise while building a relationship of trust and transparency with law enforcement.

Through the Explorer’s Clubs, many of our children have learnt numerous skills and games, respect, camaraderie, and the value of honesty. I, therefore, wish to thank and highly commend former Community Policing Team leader Insp. Rosemarie Isles-Williams, for her stellar work in the development and continuity of the Explorer’s Clubs. Insp. Isles-Williams has been instrumental in their popularisation in the communities throughout the country. Her sterling contribution to the protection, education, and empowerment of our youth in this regard cannot go unrecognised.”

Commissioner Sutton ended his statement with a message of reassurance to the public.

“As I close, I wish to reassure the general public that the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force will neither falter nor waver in its commitment to the people. We, officers, have sworn to protect one and all; to uphold the law without fear or favour, and to relentlessly pursue justice for those who have been victims of any crime. To this end, I remind one and all that it is in our best interest to say something if we see something. Laws are only as effective as the people who help to uphold them. Our success as officers of the law depends heavily on those whom the laws protect. Our duties are clearly defined, but our job’s success is not guaranteed without the public’s cooperation,” – James Sutton, Commissioner of Police in the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force.

See the entire statement here:



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