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Development Bank Leading the Charge in Fight Against Covid-19 Using Latest Technology


BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, January 12, 2021 (DBSKN) — At a time when the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic appears not to be abating anytime soon especially with the emergency of new variants of the virus, the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis has stepped up its Covid-19 fight using the latest technology.

“The Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis is leading the charge in the Federation in the combatting of the spread of the novel coronavirus by using the latest in thermal scanning technologies and adjustments in their standard of operating procedures (SOP) and policies,” said Mr Michael Peets of Digital Security Services Ltd.

Thermal imagining cameras have been installed by Digital Security Services Ltd at the Bank’s head office at the corner of Church and Central Streets in Basseterre, St. Kitts, and at the branch office on Chapel Street in Charlestown, Nevis. The cameras allow for clients’ temperature to be taken without any contact as they are mounted on the wall, eight feet above the ground.

“What we have here is our thermal imaging solution,” explained Mr Peets after the installation of the thermal camera at the head office in Basseterre. “What it does is measure the temperature as you walk through the door and come into the establishment – this is a contactless solution.”

Security guards and frontline staff members at the head office and at the branch office have been trained on how to use a tablet to retrieve the information from the cameras if need be. According to Mr Peets, that information is important when it comes to contact tracing should any client show signs of the disease and can also be shared with the Ministry of Health.

Trained include Manager Human Resource Unit Ms Danienne Brin, Manager Management Information System Unit Mr Laurinston Matthew, Management Systems Technical Officer Mr Eldean Huggins, Marketing and Product Development Officer Ms Chantelle Rochester, Customer Service Representatives Ms Vershary Hanley and Mr Raheem Rogers, and Security Guard Ms Terrianne Bahadur of Alpha and Omega Security Solutions in St. Kitts.

Exposed to the training in Nevis include Branch Manager Ms Hyacinth Pemberton, Customer Service Representatives Ms Tywana Cranston and Mr Chemor Bartlette, and Security Guard Mr Lincoln Dyer of Alpha and Omega Security Solutions.

Human Resource Manager at the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, Ms Danienne Brin, has said that guidelines on how the thermal cameras will be used have been circulated and all clients are fully aware that when they enter the establishment they will have their temperatures taken using the new cameras.

“We are now in the second week since the implementation and we are very pleased with how the clients are responding to it,” said Ms Brin. “The guidelines basically outline that once you enter into the bank as per usual you have to have on your mask. Our security personnel will sanitise your hands or the dispenser is also there if you want to do it on your own, and the security person will then direct you to a marked area where you would stand and position yourself to look up to our camera, which will take your picture and temperature.”

If the temperature is normal, the camera will release a recorded message ‘testing pass’ and the client would be allowed to proceed on to their appointments or discussions with their respective officers. However, should the temperature be elevated the recorded message will be ‘warning high temperature’ and at this stage the client would be requested to take a seat for about five minutes to cool off before they are asked to come forward to have their temperature taken again.

“The temperature is displayed and the client could actually see it on the screen as opposed to someone else telling them what their temperature is,” observed Ms Brin. “Once testing is done a second time, and it is within normal range, then you can move beyond in the institution freely based on your appointment’s schedule. If it is elevated still, you will be asked to touch base with your respective officer whether by telephone or by email and that officer would determine the best way possible to serve you given this elevated temperature that you would now have.”

Both Ms Brin and the Manager at the Nevis Branch Office, Ms Hyacinth Pemberton, note that the they are pleased with the way the cameras have been operating stating that the only time red flags would have been raised would have been due to a client’s elevated temperature as a result of being out in the hot sun for a lengthy period, as a second reading would be normal.

“As part of the Covid-19 fight at the Nevis branch office we moved a step ahead when it comes to the implementation of the Covid-19 protocols,” noted Ms Pemberton. “We relocated to new offices on Chapel Street in August of last year and when the building was being refurbished, permanent social distancing markers were included outside the office leading to the front door. Clients have to abide with those marking before they come into the establishment and this has worked out very well.”


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