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ECCB engage fifth-form business students of GSS; Deputy Governor Valda Henry explains the importance of wealth creation


by Eulana Weekes

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Fifth-form students of the Gingerland Secondary School (GSS) in Nevis received an opportunity of a lifetime when they visited the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Headquarters in Bird Rock St.Kitts, just over a week ago.

The team at ECCB engaged students about the role and activities of various departments, including the Banking and Monetary Operations Department, the Currency Management Department and the Corporate Relations Department. They also received a tour of the Bank’s library.

The visit to ECCB was part of the business week activities of the Gingerland Secondary School. The tour aimed to give the students a better understanding of the overall operation of the Bank, banking business in general, and the importance of the ECCB to the financial landscape of the Eastern Caribbean countries.

The students interested in business studies and entrepreneurship are in their final year of secondary school and are set to sit CXC examinations in May-June 2023. As such, Deputy-Governor Dr. Valda Henry discussed with the students their career plans and encouraged them to work hard to achieve their goals.

“The truth is, it is wonderful to know what it is we want to be, but that is not enough to get us there. To be what we want to be requires skills and to get those skills, we must learn, we must put in the work. It is okay to know what you want but what I’m saying to you is that “you must put in the work to get to where you want to be.”

Dr. Henry added, “For now, your CXC results are going to play a critical role in you going forward; getting accepted to college, getting accepted to University, that is important. “In order to get good results at CXC’s, what must we do?” We must study, and “what does that take?” It takes a little discipline and sacrifice because I’m sure you like to play with your friends and doing Tik Toking all day and playing games all day, Whatsapping all day and Facebooking all day and all of those good stuff; and there is a place for that and a time for that, but we must remain focused on what it is we want to be.”

In keeping with one of the areas of Financial Information Month (October 2022), Dr. Valda Henry shared with the students of the Gingerland Secondary School the importance of wealth creation.

“How many of you get an allowance from your parents or grandparents or your aunty or your uncle regularly? How many of you get birthday money? How many of you get money when it’s Christmas? How many of you get a little job on the weekend and you earn a little money?” [Here’s] one little advice; no matter what money you get, whether it is $10.00, $5.00, $100.00, $200.00, 20.00, don’t spend all of what you get. Whatever you get, take off 20 percent. So if you get $100.00, save $20.00. If you can save more, do so; but at a minimum, whatever you get, save 20 percent from the top, consistently.”

The ECCB Deputy Governor assured the business students that once they make saving a priority, they will have enough money to invest when they reach an older age. She said such investments could bring more money or more wealth.


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