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Get Safe Online!


St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): As more and more people begin to live online- learning new skills, boosting others- the issue of cyber-security is now, more than ever, front and center.

Whether you are young and savvy, or older and reluctant to get a “digital life”, COVID-19 has caused a seismic shift in the way we live online.

Enter, “Get Safe Online”…

“It’s actually an accelerating St. Kitts and it is … moving towards a more digital economy and digitizing the interactions between the citizen and the state through paying taxes and all that kind of stuff. So there’s never been a more important time for people to be online, but the risks are there and the last thing I would say is… What COVID is done is, it’s pushed people online to socialize, to network, to do stuff they may have done previously face to face, but it’s also pushed businesses online to do more ordinary transactions through the internet when previously they did that face to face. So whether that’s an individual, whether that’s a business, that increases the level of vulnerability… a whole host of things out there not to be frightened of, but to treat with concern and to inform ourselves about so we can protect ourselves.”

Peter Davies is the global ambassador for “Get Safe Online”, a non-profit organization in the UK campaigning to “get the Commonwealth safe online”.

The campaign spans 12 commonwealth Caribbean countries, starting April 2020 with the aid of regional marketing agency ODEM.

As the name suggests, Get Safe Online offers improvements to your safety in the digital space.

“We tried to get people safe online and through donations or grants, we provide education and awareness to the public. We provide a website and St. Kitts has its own Get Safe Online website and I’m going to have to mention this getsafeonline.kn that’s getsafeonline.kn, it’s all there. So we do that. We do outreach through PR and Media and campaigns because not everyone’s gonna go to a website to find out that they are at risk. Some people need to be told that upfront wherever they are, and we’re also increasingly getting face to face with people; we don’t do that ourselves now, but in St. Kitts, we’re looking to launch an ambassador scheme, so we’re looking to recruit people from St Kitts and Nevis who we can help to train, support, and give materials to and mentor so that they can go out and spread the word to their own communities, to people they most care about in that country. So that’s all kind of stuff, what we do. We’ve been in St. Kitts operating, our websites been alive there since April 2019.”

So, how can you get involved, you ask?

“Step one, learn more about the risk. Go to getsafeonline.kn and just take a look. You won’t be able to read the whole thing in half an hour, but drop in treat it like a magazine. Look at a topic that interests you. Learn something about it and maybe tell other people and get them to go to the website as well. The truth of it is that there’s all kinds of different possibilities and risks out there, and so explaining it takes a long time. But treat the website as a magazine or an encyclopedia when the thought occurs; Well, what about this? Go there and you’ll find the information. The other main thing people can do if they really want to get involved is look at our ambassador scheme and they can email US ambassadors@getsafeonline.org and we’ll take it from there. We just looking for people … They probably don’t think their cyber-security experts that there are people with a passion for making their families or the communities or their church or their schools safe. We can give them the tools to do that job, so that’s two things people can do. Look at that website, learn something, be safer, and if you really want to put yourself out and make a difference within your community, get hold of us in our ambassador scheme, ambassadors@getsafeonline.org, and we’ll be only too delighted to reach out and help you.”


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