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Latoya Biyanca Jones launched as CCM’s Candidate for Constituency 5, Nevis


by Eulana Weekes

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Concerned Citizens Movement has launched the candidacy of Ms Latoya Biyanca Jones as its representative for Constituency Number 5 in the upcoming Nevis Island Assembly Elections, constitutionally due in March 2023.

Jones’ launch was held in her hometown Barnes Ghaut in the Parish of St. Thomas’, where she stated, “I am a Barnes Ghaut woman, a proud B.G woman. Growing up in this small, secluded and intimate village has taught me love, compassion and care for others. It is such an upbringing that has caused me to stand here tonight as your CCM Candidate for St. Thomas’. It is such upbringing, such molding, such nurturing that has brought me to this stage in my life, where I am ready to be your next representative for St. Thomas’. I am ready to serve! I, Latoya Biyanca Jones, will get things done! ”

According to Jones, she has set a record of service to St. Thomas’ long before politics and outlined some of her contributions, including but not limited to the St. Thomas’ Parish Youth Excellence Awards, support to small businesses by donating beverages and promoting sales through the “On the Block” initiative, the donation of school essential supplies and gifts to the St. Thomas’ Primary School and the Inez France Pre-School, the sponsorship of lunch for children, the organising of a group to paint the St Thomas’ Primary School, distribution of care packages to senior citizens in St. Thomas’ Parish and the initiation of clean-up projects for the area.

Jones said such initiatives would continue.

In presenting her candidacy launch speech, Jones notified fellow villagers of additional plans she intends to embark upon once elected.

“Healthcare is of significant importance in my campaign, a new health centre in Cotton Ground is a must, and regular special mobile healthcare throughout St. Thomas’ Parish to combat chronic diseases will be done. Our development cannot come without improved and proper education. A new and improved St. Thomas’s Primary School will be pursued, and scholarship opportunities for our youth will be offered, and a homework assistance programme will be implemented. The establishment of a St. Thomas’ Parish Art Studio to give opportunities to our skilled workers would be lobbied for. All community centres in St. Thomas’s will be equipped with computers, printers and other materials to facilitate learning. Empowerment of small businesses too is one of my top priorities. I will lobby for small businesses to receive not only lower interest rate loans but grants, grants and more grants. Training opportunities in accounting, marketing and customer service will be offered.”

In addition, Jones said farmers and fishermen would not be left out, as she would ensure a farmers’ market is erected so that they can sell, market and store their products. The new candidate expressed a desire to see a dockyard in the St. Thomas’ Parish for fisherfolk to secure and repair their boats. Jones also listed upgrades and the erection of sports and recreation facilities on the agenda.


The new CCM Candidate said she and her campaign team would begin on the ground campaign in short order, declaring that it will be a “campaign with a difference”.

“During the next few weeks, my campaign team and I will be campaigning the highways and byways of the great Parish of St. Thomas’. It will be a new campaign, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It would be a campaign rooted in our shared values of excellence, discipline, decency, truth and teamwork. Every decision that we make will be guided by these values. My campaign will not be about petty promises, false hope or worn-out dogma. My campaign will be uplifting, inspiring and enlightening. You see, politics is not about the candidates. It is not about the money. It is not about the debates on social media. Politics is about real people’s lives. It is about the small man on the street. It’s about the mom’s and pop’s that you meet. Politics is about you, the people. Tonight I commit to you that as we campaign, we will listen to everyone, but even more to the ordinary man.”

With no uncertainty, the new CCM candidate said challenges would come but assured that there is a way to get past those challenges.

“I am under no illusion that it would be easy. The task at hand will be very challenging. There are times when it will appear insurmountable, but I can assure you that we will prevail and we will succeed. I recognise that there is a certain boldness and a certain audacity with what I am about to do, but I am not afraid because I have an unyielding faith in God when faced with an impossible ordeal. There are those naysayers who proclaim that I am over-ambitious and that the task of winning St Thomas is impossible, but my answer to them is quite simple: “With God, nothing is impossible.”

Jones received several endorsements, including that of the Premier and Political leader of the CCM – Hon. Mark Brantley, Hon. Alexis Jeffers, Hon. Troy Liburd, Hon. Spencer Brand, Hon. Eric Evelyn, Jahnel Nisbett, Marcus Duberry, Kervin “Milo Box” Freeman and Keith Scarborough MBE- former CCM candidate for St Thomas Parish.


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