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LICB Tribute to our late Ambassador H.E. Vance Winkworth Amory


The long standing and fruitful partnership we all forged with our beloved team-mate, our friend, our brother, our colleague, our esteem and astute leader, the ultimate team player, beloved Husband and family man, H.E. Vance Amory unfortunately came to an end on April 02, 2022. Not via a disagreement or inability to find common ground, nor a resignation or some other human factor, but through what we at the LICB choose to describe as an honorable recall by our creator God almighty who gave him life and sustained him over all
these years.

Today we are here to mourn his loss and simultaneously celebrate his life of seventy-two years, which from his body of work appears to have been largely dedicated to enriching the lives of others, especially the less fortunate in the society. Cricket was one of the vehicles he used to achieve this objective.

Prior to the rise of players such as Elquemedo Willett, Derrick Parry, Stuart Williams, Keith Arthurton, Carl Tuckett, and others after them, Vance Amory represented Nevis with excellence in the LI tournament from the very tender age of 16. His highest individual score being the 250 runs he amassed against Anguilla. On the back of his exploits in Leeward Islands matches he was selected to play first class cricket in the West
Indies Cricket Board organized tournaments, initially for the Combined Islands and thereafter for the Leeward Islands where he scored a combined total of 1,416 runs from 35 matches.

Vance also had the distinction of being selected in a West Indies (WI) President 11 team, a clear indication he was on the verge of selection to the senior WI team. Considering that this transpired at a time in the history of WI cricket when being born in the smaller Islands, meant being born with the distinct disadvantage of becoming a potential West Indies cricketer, his selection represented an awesome accomplishment for both Vance and LI Cricket.

The thirty-five matches he played represented an abbreviated career cut short by other pressing needs for his services. But even in this relatively brief cricketing stint he was able to further the work of predecessors like Livingston Sergeant of bringing much needed attention, respect, and notoriety to Cricket and Cricketers in Nevis and by extension the Leeward Islands. Although this goal remains work in progress, and while equilibrium in WI cricket is yet to be achieved by the so called small islands, Vance would have departed the
earth with the satisfaction that in some small way he would have contributed to the growth of cricket in the LI both on and off the field as evidenced by:

1. The selection of subsequent generations of cricketers from Nevis and the leeward islands to various WI teams: 2. The eventual elevation of a person of Leeward Islands
heritage, namely Mr. Ricky Skerrit, to the apex post of President of Cricket West Indies (CWI).

His former teammates and friends including Lockhart Sebastian, Victor Eddy, Hugh Gore, The Right Honorable Basil Morgan, Dr. Sir Andy Roberts, Sir Viv Richards were all effusive with praise for Vance who they remember for his exceptional skills as a specialist opening batsman with a wide array of strokes, none more spectacular than the picturesque cover drive he mastered. A shot that would often send spectators into a frenzy and evoke a range of emotions amongst commentators. Such was the emotion of one commentator, the late Hugh Claxton of Nevis, that he would stretch his vocal cords to the maximum and in
a manner consistent with a stuck record echo his famous refrain: Where are the West Indies Selectors? Where are the West Indies selectors? A call to signal that in his mind Vance and other players from the LI were not being given the attention they truly deserve by WI cricket. Moreover, Vance was remembered as the ultimate teammate and gentleman for his humane qualities, the kindness, caring, sharing, rationality, respectful attitude and sincerity that underpinned his interactions.

Following graduation from university, other duties intervene and shifted Vance’s focus to a life of service. From what we have gleaned he was just about all things to the people of Nevis and by extension the Federation. He served in numerous capacities and roles including being a Senior Banker, an Educator, Permanent Secretary, Sports Administrator, Mentor & Advisor, Mediator, Confidant, Lay Preacher, player, and captain of the Nevis cricket team, and of course a Politician rising to the rank of Premier of Nevis.

Upon demitting this office, he further served as Senior Minister, and Ambassador at the level of the Federal Government up until his death. All of this in addition to being a devoted family man. Undoubtedly, Nevis and the Federation has lost a man of and for the people. A man of integrity, elevated leadership skills and qualities, empathy, accountability, loyalty, honesty, fairness, reliability, and compassion. Personal core values we will all do well to emulate.

Like all men, it is reasonable to assume that he was imperfect, however, he was an example for all of us in the cricket fraternity and beyond. A quiet, soft-spoken extraordinary humanitarian with an engaging smile who on one hand displayed the intellect and diplomatic skills to interact with persons in the highest echelons of the international diplomatic forum, and conversely the humility to rub shoulders with and identify with
the plight of the poorest of the poor in the community. He remained a friend and ever-present spectator and supporter of Nevis, LI, and WI cricket to the end.

Therefore, he will surely be missed by the cricket fraternity in the region.

In concluding this tribute, it is worth reminding ourselves of words penned by the famous poet William Shakespeare and I quote: “The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones”

We encourage all of us to ensure that the good of the late Vance Amory is not interred with his bones, but instead be documented, highlighted, and prominently displayed so that generations to follow can learn and be inspired by the exploits of an ordinary man who accomplished extraordinary feats.

On behalf of the LICB, I extend sincere and heartfelt condolence to his wife Vernie, his two daughters and other family members, close friends, and colleagues along with the Government and people of Nevis and the Federation in general.

May the soul of our dearly departed opening partner & teammate, colleague & brother from another mother, H.E. Vance W. Amory, rest in eternal peace.

Enoch E. Lewis – President LICB


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