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Local Student, Dariela Warner ranks 2nd in Regional CAPE Law


by Eulana Weekes

St.Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Kittitian student, Dariela Warner stood out by placing 2nd in the entire Caribbean in the 2021 sitting of CAPE Law examinations, Unit 1. 

WINN News contacted Dariela to discuss her journey to this achievement and capture her reaction to the news.

Dariela credits her perseverance in the face of doubt and her commitment to excellence as reasons for her personal success. 

“Due to the changes in the starting time of the exams my preparation fluctuated quite a bit and I was losing myself to fatigue and stress. However, I pulled through because of my determination. I was not confident, because I am quite doubtful of my potential at times. I remember leaving the exam room and thinking “I am getting a two” and I rushed home because I didn’t want to speak about the exam. So, it was shocking to see that I achieved such a level of success. I remember repeatedly reading the name to make sure that I wasn’t seeing wrong. I was overcome with joy because I knew I would make my parents and those who always push, drive and believe in me very happy.” 

Dariela mentioned that, after completing CFBC, she is looking forward to taking a break from her studies to decide what she would like to pursue in the future.  She explained that she wants to make sure that the profession she chooses is the profession she would enjoy for 10 to 20 years. Dariela added, “ my biggest fear is living in regret.”

Having been asked what kind of lawyer she would like to be, Dariela indicated that she doesn’t have her mind on becoming a lawyer. She explained that she chose to do law in school because of her interest in understanding the mind and process of lawyers when defending and analysing cases. “Being a lawyer has piqued my interest before; however, it is not something I see myself doing, but I don’t know what the future may hold.”

The star student shared that learning law can be fun seeing the issues and seeing the conclusions derived by legal professionals.  She, therefore, advised persons preparing for law exams to enjoy what they are learning, as it is easier for someone to grasp what they are doing if they enjoy it.


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