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Nevisian Harry Yearwood talks docking cruise ship for first time in SKN


by Kevon Browne

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN)—Nevisian Harry Yearwood docked the cruise ship, Jewel of the Seas, his first time docking any ship at Port Zante, St. Kitts, as the Chief Officer for the Royal Caribbean Group and third in command of the ship.

The Jewel of the Seas is about 297 meters long and carries about 3,500 passengers.

Harry, the son of Alastair Yearwood, the Managing Director of Kingfisher Club and the director and owner of Oualie Beach Resort, told WINN about how he got started in sailing.

“Growing up in Nevis, I started off in Charleston Prep School.

[I think it’s called Maude Cross nowadays]. [After] that, I went to Lyn Jeffers. During all that time I was always on boats, fishing boats. Always doing some kind of fishing or driving a little boat here and there. Once I finished, I went to do college and then came back, and then I went to the States and got a 200-ton Yachtmaster, SCCW. The first SCCW I did here with, you know, the chief pilot right now. His name is Harvey. So, I did my first SCCW with him. And then after that, I got the license, and I [worked] on a private yacht for a bit. I was [then] working on a fishing boat in Nevis called Seabreath, taking people on fishing charters. I worked with Leawood Island Charters. I was working with them for about two years.

Then, [I] decided to go to a university in the South of Ireland to get a commercial license to work on ships. I originally started off on cargo ships but realised I was a little bit too lonely [so] I moved on over to cruise ships and then finished my cadetship off with cruise ships. Started at cadet lowest rank and then worked my way up… last year I got promoted to Chief Officer.”

Yearwood has 13 years of experience in the industry sailing worldwide and hopes to become a Captain eventually. The last cruise ship he worked as First Officer on Wonder of the Seas, at the time still the largest cruise ship in the world, until Icon of the Seas.

“Now I’m here just slowly working on ranks. We’re getting more manoeuvres, so now that I’m chief, they let me drive the ship a lot more because I’m third in command of the ship. This morning (April 02), the captain was like, oh, this is your home. You’re driving… I loved every minute of it. I feel very, very proud coming in and driving her back into St. Kitts for the first time. Hopefully, he lets me take her off the pier as well and then push through.”

Other ships he has worked on include Majesty of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, and Radiance of the Seas.


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