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Police reports over 600 traffic accidents in St. Kitts in first half of the year; caller suggests comprehensive study of the situation


by Eulana Weekes

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): There has been an increase in traffic accidents and road fatalities on the island of St. Kitts within the first half of 2023, declared Mrs. Sophia Henry, Sergeant in the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force Traffic Department.

“We have seen an increase in traffic accidents and also the fatality for the year so far. We have over 600 accidents from January to present…and that is only in St.Kitts; I am not speaking about Nevis. In one week alone, traffic had over 20 [accidents]… I know we have four fatalities, and I think last year we had about five for the whole year.”

Making a presentation on Traffic Talk during ‘Island Tea’, Sergeant Henry said speeding is the common cause of accidents and fatalities.

“Speeding is one of the most common causes of fatality because once you speed, you don’t have full control of that vehicle.”

A frequent caller to Island Tea told Sergeant Henry that the authorities, rather than saying there are more accidents, need to conduct a comprehensive study of the circumstances, which will provide a means to tackle the situation.

“Yes, the number 600 is significant and is a startling number, but data is only useful if you put it into context. “How many vehicles are on the roads of St.Kitts?” We don’t have more roads. So therefore, there are likely to be more vehicle [accidents]; and another thing is, you were unable to differentiate between major and minor; because every offender, everyone who pulls out too soon and pulls off someone’s bumper or ruffles someone’s front fender, is classified as a traffic accident. So, we need [a] sense of understanding to know how many are major, how many are minor. Also, if we don’t study situations, we can’t do anything about it. The question was asked, “Have you identified any hotspots?” If you don’t take data and compile it and say, “Look, we have evidence that, in this area, something [could] happen,” therefore, we won’t do anything about it; we would just say, oh, another accident.”

Sergeant Sophia Henry identified the roundabouts in Camps and Bird Rock as two main hotspots for accidents.

Fifteen-year-old male, Lashley Weekes of Saddler’s Village, was the island’s first road fatality for 2023. He was a passenger in a truck that collided into a house in Halfway Tree on May 19.

The second fatal vehicle accident involved 37-year-old Elston Loxman Samuel of Clico Housing, St. Peters. He died following a collision with fencing in the vicinity of the Basseterre Fisheries Complex at the Industrial Site.

On June 21, 2023, Kenrick Phillip of Stonefort Estate was severely injured in a traffic accident in Conyers. Phillip was driving a car that fell over the cliffside following a collision with a passenger bus. He succumbed to his injuries on July 02.

Joneal Sprouse of Middle Island was involved in a traffic accident in the vicinity of the solar farm on the Frigate Bay Road on July 01. Sprouse succumbed to his injuries on July 03, 2023.

A recent statement from the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force states, “During the course of our investigations into traffic accidents this year and others [in the] past, driving at excessively high speeds has repeatedly been identified as their main cause. Coming in at a close second is driving without due care and attention. We continue to implore drivers and motorists to exercise adequate vigilance and extreme care while driving. Speed has never been and will never be a solution for lateness. It will also never provide the guarantee of safe arrival at your destination of choice.”


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