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Public Works Engineer shares update on St. Peters Main Road Project


By Kevon Browne

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The St. Peters Main Road and the F. T Williams Highway are the two major road projects being undertaken by the government of St. Kitts and Nevis.


The St. Peters Main Road Project began on Monday, January 08 2024, with an approximate budget of $31 million.


During an interview on the June 19 broadcast of ‘InFocus’, George Gilbert, Engineer in the Department of Public Works, shared that there is currently a delay in the project being worked out between Public Works, the contractor and the consultant.


“The project is going, but it is a little behind schedule. So what we have to do now is to work with the contractor and see what activities we can do simultaneously to actually get it back on schedule. It’s a discussion we had with the contractor and the consultant, of course.”


The Engineer provided a brief overview of the scope of work for the much anticipated million-dollar project.


“With that road, what we are doing is that we are rehabilitating the road. We are using the same basic… but we are actually removing the base, sub-base, and the asphalt material, and we are actually going to put them on [a] new base, new sub-base, new overlay, the asphalt, sidewalk where possible, guardrails in certain critical areas, cat eyes in the road, road marking, road signs, et cetera.”


There has been public commentary on the build-out of specific parts of the projects; Gilbert explained one of the reasons for including the build-out of the drainage system.


“Now, we are also developing drains in the area. The purpose of those drains we are developing is that asphalt and water are not friends. If water stays too long on the asphalt, it’s going to deteriorate the asphalt quickly. So we have to try to get the water off of the asphalt [as] quickly as possible and get it into a safe place and discharge somewhere.


“So what we are doing right now, we are developing the drains, and then we will actually overlay right up to the drain now, which way the water can run off of the road into the drain. If the water cannot go off into the drain, it’s going to stay on the road, and it’s going to deteriorate the road. When we were doing the Island Main Road, what we did, we had a series of small contractors to go through and do the drains, and then the main contractor actually came through after and did the main section, which is the black tar section.”


Additionally, with the inclusion of the drainage, the accompanying sidewalks will make it easier and safer for foot traffic.


“Part of the scope of work is to actually put concrete sidewalks in place. So there will be sidewalk from, you could say, the Anglican Church area there, right up to the school. Right up to the school, there will be [a] sidewalk. So these children can walk from the Carifesta area straight to the school without going [on] the road. In addition to that too, you have persons coming to church, Anglican Church, in the community, they can use the sidewalk to come down too. So that’s a plus and an enhancement for the community of St. Peters.”


As part of the project, a new road is being created from reclaimed land, and a new roundabout will also control the traffic.


“There is a new roundabout, which will be incorporated into the whole design, which will be by the Anglican Church area there, the Carifesto village. Right there, there will be a roundabout in that vicinity. So normally, you will come down from the ATM, and then you take a right and go around the corner and go down by the mango tree. You will have a roundabout there, which will control the traffic.”


Currently, there is no specific date for the completion of the work, but following its completion, work on the F. T Williams Highway will commence.


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