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SKELEC encourages consumers to practice energy saving methods


by Eulana Weekes

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN) – The St. Kitts Electricity Company (SKELEC) through its radio programme “Power Talk” shares strategies to assist customers with energy conservation and cost reduction on their electricity bills. 

Metering Manager at SKELEC, Mr Collin Williams says it is important for individuals to conserve energy; taking into consideration climate change, a need for a cleaner planet and economic benefits.

“Energy that we provide, specifically electrical energy is done by the burning and conversion of fossil fuel currently. That method produces some by-product, carbon dioxide; and we’re in the summer and as I’ve gotten older, it’s getting hotter. So to be able to pass on a better future to the next generation we want to not abuse our use of natural resources to produce energy. 

Metering Manager at SKELEC, Mr. Collin Williams (Center) and Ms.Sanshe Thompson, Customer Service Manager (Left)

Williams added “To be fair to your pocket and to pass on more finances to the next generation, you want to be efficient in the use of energy and it’s not just electrical, it’s any energy in that regard. So, for the future generations, for a cleaner planet, a cooler planet, let’s lower the effect of carbon emission, as well as on your pocket, just as a gift to yourself.”

Williams said that there are specific types of equipment or appliances that use a lot of energy; such as heating, cooling and motorise equipment, as well as chargers.

“Cooling and heating appliances tend to consume the most power while they are in operation. So, your heating and cooling, you need to be mindful of and the next thing is your charging equipment; charging your phones, some of us would charge our phones, unplug the phone and leave the charger plugged in and if you have an opportunity to just past by the charger- the adapter, you would see that it’s warm. So, it’s still using power even though it is not charging your phone, because that black box, for those of us who are used to those chargers, is converting energy, waiting to charge your phone…Then the fourth category, motors. Anything that is motorised, those, for the most part, are the appliances that use the most power in your home or business.”

In the case of commercial customers or businesses, Williams encourages the use of more energy-saving equipment, which allows for a reduced electricity bill. For example, lighting and cooling equipment for commercial customers are major energy components and as such, the Metering Manager suggests that businesses invest in LEd’s. These are semiconductor light sources that produce light when current flows through them. Williams also proposed the use of more efficient AC units. On the residential end, he encouraged customers to limit the opening of refrigerators, iron once per week, put AC units on a timer and unplug chargers after use. Another recommendation for both commercial and residential customers is to invest in power strips, specifically for charging devices. In this regard, pressing the switch for the power strip can turn off and on all plugged devices at once.

Meanwhile, SKELEC has made available ways for individuals to monitor and calculate their power consumption which was outlined by Ms Sanshe Thompson, Customer Service Manager at SKELEC.

“Our website skelec.kn, it has a comprehensive listing of all appliances and it will tell you exactly how much kilowatt hours you can use for those particular appliances. It gives you a very good calculation of what your kilowatt hours would be. In addition to that our Ebis platform also has a bill calculator and what that bill calculator does, you can go to the metre, take a reading off of the metre and it has your last bill reading on the system already. Once you plug in that reading, it gives you a calculation of what your expected bill may be. You can calculate it on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis; so you would have a very good idea of what your electricity bill would be in the end.”


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