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St. Kitts and Nevis to Host Inaugural Creative Arts Convention


by Kevon Browne

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): St. Kitts and Nevis will host the first St. Kitts and Nevis Creative Arts Convention. The biennial event aims to bring together industry leaders, visionaries, and emerging creatives from various artistic fields, including visual arts, performing arts, music, film, and cosmetic arts.

The convention will feature visual arts exhibitions, performances from traditional Caribbean music and dance to contemporary theatre, and film screenings with panel discussions. Interactive workshops will offer hands-on experiences and insights into the creative processes of established artists. Keynote speeches and panel discussions will cover current trends and future directions in the arts industry.

The Department of Creative Economy announced the specifics of the Creative Power Arts Convention on June 20, 2024. The convention will feature over 25 regional and international facilitators and experts for one week, August 31 – September 07, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the St. Kitts Marriott Hotel.

Caseem Pemberton, stage name Rucas H.E., Marketing and Communication Officer with the Department of Creative Economy, shared some of the events that could be expected at the convention.

“We have our panel discussions where our creatives and our facilitators will all be able to be in one room where you can ask all the questions that you need to ask. And we don’t want, when we get in the room, don’t [be] shy. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions. That is what we are here for. That is what the facilitators are there for as well. Ask any question that you need to ask. And that’s our panel discussion. So, of course, even though you’re not a part of some of these classes, our facilitators will be in one room where you can ask your question to any one of the facilitators.

“We also have our lectures and [presentations]. We also have masterclasses, and these masterclasses are where you can get a more hands-on approach to what you’re learning on that day. We’re here to make sure that we can execute what we are learning, and so our facilitators are going to give you that opportunity so that you can do what they’re teaching you hands-on, more detailed. And that’s what the masterclass is all about.

“We have a small group – consultations. That’s something that you need to look forward to as well. And we also have exclusive opportunities… this is where maybe a few of you can actually pitch your ideas to these facilitators. Maybe you have an idea, something that you want to pursue. Maybe you want to work with one of these facilitators. You want to collaborate. And you will have that opportunity to pitch your ideas to these facilitators. So it’s not just them coming and teaching you and then, see you, bye-bye. Let me know, what do you do? What would you like to do? How can I help you? Where can we go from here? And so we have those exclusive opportunities.”

Pemberton went on to list the sectors being targeted for the inaugural convention.

“The sectors that we’re going to be targeting for our Creative Power Arts Convention [are] business of music, music production, dance, theatre, film, photography, videography, entertainment law and strategy, communications, hair, makeup, arts education, branding and marketing, carnival costume design and production, event promotion, app development, modelling and fashion, innovation and design thinking, entrepreneurship and content strategy.”

Outside of the scheduled session expected activities for the convention, Roberetine Wedde, Director of the Creative Economy Department, shared some fringe events tailored to some sectors not represented in the main lineup for the convention.

“I’m seeing a painter in the room. We do not have a facilitator in painting. But what we are doing, one of our fringe events is an Arts Gallery exhibition for the visual artists. It’s not just restricted to painting, but sculptures and so forth. So we’re going to be having even an auction within it. We have something just for you.

“Culinary artists might be like, well, [what’s in it for me? Because I haven’t heard anything]. We will be having a baking competition. Well, it’s more on the creative side. So imagine Cupcake Wars, the decorative creativity… we will be having that and ‘A Taste Affair’. So, [for] those disciplines that we really did not get to touch in terms of the facilitators, our fringe events will be able to accommodate that.

“We also have The Den, which is a creative business pitch [event] for two days. I’m not going to say what the award is in terms of the monetary value, but it is going to be fantastic. And so we have the business side of things. We also have a minister’s cocktail at the opening ceremony. We also have an after-party. We also have some, an event that will be mutually done with our ambassadors. So look forward to that.”

The facilitators for the convention, some of whom are sons and daughters of the soil, include:

– Dr. L’Antoinette Stines – Professional Dancer

– Jessica Shaw – Professional Dancer

– Sundra Oakley – Actress

– Dr. Tamu Browne – Design Thinking & Creativity

– Tarik “Rvssian” Johnston – Music Producer

– Scott Dunn – Event Promoter

– Ivan Berry – International Music Management & Artist Development

– Davon Carty – International Touring Consultant & Development

– Jonathan Ramos – International Concert Promotions

– Kosine – International Music Producer / Songwriter

– Spencer Mussellam – International Digital Distribution

– Derek Wilkie – Caribbean Music Label, Artist Development & Intellectual Property

– Max Gousse – International A&R and Artist Development

– Vivian Barclay – International Music Publishing, Copyright & Royalties

– Neisha Tweed Bell – Creative Strategist

– Justin Porter – Filmmaker/Videography

– Chavez Procope – Product Designer

– Jeffrey Charles – Photographer

– Verlyn Williams – Locs Extension Specialist

– Janelle Williams – Hair Braider

– Simon Frederick – Film Director

– Mia Harden – Marketing & Branding Expert/Graphic Designer

– Keenyah Hill – Professional Model

– Alexandra D’Arcy – Arts Educator

– Natalie Fonrose – Costume Designer

– Ozelle Martin – Trademark Attorney and Brand Strategist

– Jaleesa Jaikaran – Beauty Expert (Make Up)

The convention seeks to promote artistic innovation and cultural exchange, positioning St. Kitts and Nevis as a cultural hub in the Caribbean. It aims to attract artists and art enthusiasts globally, providing a platform for showcasing talents, exchanging ideas, and fostering collaborations.

The St. Kitts and Nevis Inaugural Creative Arts Convention demonstrates the islands’ commitment to supporting the arts community and promoting cultural appreciation. The event highlights the role of creativity in enriching lives and fostering connections.

The Department of Creative Economy is encouraging the private sector of St. Kitts and Nevis to come on board and partner/sponsor the upcoming convention.

Costs associated with attending the event will be announced on June 24. The cost of hosting the convention will be communicated by the Department later. Interested attendees can look for passes that speak to their specific needs, whether for the entire convention, a day pass or just a pass for a particular session. Registration will be open from July 01 2024.



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