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Ten students receive scholarships from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine


by Kevon Browne

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine presented ten students of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) and the Nevis Sixth Form College with academic scholarships on Friday (March 18).

The students were awarded during the fifth annual St. Kitts Scholarship Program ceremony at the Auditorium on the Ross campus.

The Financial support includes up to two years of tuition, books, and other fees to students enrolled in either institution.

Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris was set to be a featured speaker at the ceremony but could not attend.

Senator Wendy Phipps, Minister of International Trade, Commerce, Consumer Affairs & Labour, delivered remarks on the Prime Minister’s behalf and expressed congratulations to the students and gratitude for the commitment of Ross University to its ongoing investment in the Federation’s educational sector.

The following were words imparted to the scholarship recipients:

1)  Be truly thankful for the golden opportunity, which Ross University has given to you today to pursue higher education.

2) Recognise that there are countless other young people, and from what Desiree said earlier, they had 180 applicants. There are other countless young people in our country who today wish they had the opportunity that you have been given.

3) Make your family proud of your achievement today, and do not let them down.

4) Remember to apply yourself diligently to the various courses of study on which you have embarked. Thanks to this scholarship program, you do not have to be preoccupied about how you or your family are going to pay for your education at a time when your primary focus should be on learning and studying.

5)  Use this academic journey to continue excelling to bigger and better things. Your life must be a process of continuous improvement.

6) Learn to pay it forward by investing in other young people whom you can mentor. So one day they too can sit in the chairs that you now occupy.

7) Do not let your education go to your head. First and foremost, education is meant for your personal advancement and development so that you can broaden your horizons and be the best that you can be. Education is not meant to set you on a course to see how much you can get, how fast you can get it, and how much more superior you think you can be when compared to others.

8) As you journey up the ladder and eventually rise to the pinnacle of success, never, ever forget where you came from; respect and care for your family, community and country. You did not get to be on your own. You cannot have a successful life without the assistance and investment of others. Only the fool says he or she is self-made. In time such fools will render their existence meaningless.

9) Endeavor to live your life with a sense of humility and purpose and a commitment that when your earthly journey is over, you would have left St. Kitts and Nevis in a better state than the one in which you found it. Today we stand on the shoulders of other nation-builders who would have already made their contributions. Tomorrow is your turn to blaze the trails, strengthen foundations and create new opportunities for those coming after you through the wise application of your gifts and talents.

10) Live up to the expectations of your internship obligations to Ross University. This is a win-win for you as you get the chance to have a paid internship for six weeks during the summer-time and finally, give back to Ross University if you can, and whenever you can, because gratitude fosters goodwill. Find somewhere to partner pro bono with Ross University in its community and academic development programs. One never knows whether there is a rewarding career that awaits you at a University in the years ahead.”

Dean of the University, Dr. Sean Callahan, who also made remarks, congratulated the students and said it was great to see young people being honoured as young people are the future.

In his remarks, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, William Hodge, encouraged the scholarship recipients to make the scholarship work for them and advance their education.

Hodge also highlighted another way Ross University has been investing in the education sector of St. Kitts.

“The Ross University does not only support the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College but to other sectors in education; our primary sector as well as our secondary sector. We are at present continuing to upgrade and work on a number of computer labs at our primary school, particularly in the rural areas. Last year Dr Callahan and his team [went to the rural parts of the island] and dedicated about seven [state of the art computer labs].”

The Permanent Secretary also indicated that some computer labs would also be dedicated to schools on Nevis.


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