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The future of the music on the island of Nevis looks bright

by Eulana Weekes
St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): At the Gingerland Secondary School, Nevis students have the fortune of learning basic music theory and master music techniques and instrument skills and much more.
Music Teacher, Venelle Powell took to social media the progress and successes of 4th form music students at the Gingerland Secondary School.
Powell said “In September 2023, we embarked on a new school year and we decided to train our 4th form boys in basic sound engineering skills. We sincerely thank Kareem Herbert for coming in and beginning the month long training.
Later that year, the boys were tasked with setting up and setting down the PA System for weekly devotion and they received their grades accordingly. At the end of the academic year, a panel was invited and the boys had to set up the system, with no assistance for their practical exam. The students connected a mic and piano through a mixer. Basic set up that has many steps inclusive of safety precautions for the equipment. I can proudly say, we now have four students who have a basic understanding of sound engineering.”
Another group, according to Powell was previously introduced to their respective musical instruments and spent lots of time learning how to play their instruments fluently. They recently had their practical exams
The students were required to:
1. Play a piece of sheet music presented to them on the morning of the exam
2. Play a song that they’ve been practicing
3. Answer a music question and engage in a discussion about it.
4. Play the National Anthem of St. Kitts and Nevis as a group.
Ms Powell expressed gratitude to musicians Daron Sutton, Joseph Williams and Jelani Manners for assessing the students performances.
Powell, a certified musician, music teacher and recording artist have often expressed her desire to see more individuals, especially the youth get involved in the music industry.
“Children who take music lessons have better cognitive skills and school grades and are more conscientious open and ambitious.”
Powell added “Learning instrument skills, develop the left and right brain functions. Learning how to write songs teach us how to regulate our emotions and how to safely express what’s inside.”

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